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Company Overview


Inspire International Inc. is a software maker established in Tokyo in 1998. We are specialized in Distributed Application Server and our products are presently used by various companies in Japan and other countries. Our mission is contributing to the customer's business continuity through our products and services.

Distributed Application Server is a software infrastructure which bridges application components running on various systems in enterprise. It usually servers for so called Mission Critical Applications serving for massive users simutlatenesly and 24 by 365 days.

As the leading company of Distributed Application Server, we promise our customers that:

  • We deliver rock solid products which promises customer's applications no down time
  • Our products assists customer's applications ready for rapid change
  • Continuous product support
With our extensive experience and history of hard work with quality results, we feel that we are uniquely positioned to deliver the products and services demanded by the present business continuity needs.